Burbank Fitness Camp - Health

Corporate Wellness Program (C.W.P.)

This is a unique program that help employees deal with stress, eat healthier, exercise more, and promote overall employee health. Our  C.W.P. is considered a preventative measures because it  actually helps reduce the frequency in which employees visit the doctor and improves production from a more focused and happier employee.

Implementing our  C.W.P will help insurance providers see the benefits to a wellness program which can help employers secure discounts on insurance.

Small Initial Investments Yield Reduced Health Care Costs
The Average Corporate dollar spent on prevention yields $3.48 in direct health care savings.

 Group Fitness Camp

(Better then any bootcamp out there)

One on One VIP Sessions

Online Personal Training
(with our online option you will  get a video with step by step instruction of your personalized monthly program)