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Alright CUT NATION; this is probably one of the most important components to your new lifestyle! Calories! How many do you take in? How many do you burn? Why do you need to know this?? Because simply put; it is the only way you will loose or gain weight!!!!

 Ok I’ve spent most of my adult life in the fitness world. Either trying to get bigger (which was very ego based when I was young) or trying to get ripped! I have tried hundreds of diets! Mediterranean diet, Atkins diet, South Beach diet, low carbs diet etc! I never really thought about calories. I thought ok, not eating carbs will help me loose weight and you know what; it did! I also started getting nose bleeds after 4 months of that and I lost tons of muscle! But why did it work! Well, the wrong carbs are high in calories so when I cut them out I cut my calories down as well. I was also doing an hour of long distance running in the morning and weight lifting in the afternoon. What happened; I went from 215 to 170 in 4 months but I didn’t have such a great 6 pack and with a shirt on I just looked skinny; hell even with my shirt off I still looked flat and soft!! That was not the look I was going for! The problem is that your body needs carbs!!!!! Your brain runs on carbs. Your workouts are fueled by carbs!! After that I put some weight on again. I trained my ass off. Those who know me, know how hard I train and I still couldn’t get ripped!!!!!!! I was so frustrated......

Now, I am not the only on with this problem. Look around you at the gym. You will see people that train 5 days a week for a year and they look the same if not worse! Now; even though some of that is due to lack of knowledge on training and how the body works; but the biggest reason is because people don’t know how to eat. I was included in this. “Oh but I eat salad and chicken breast’s,” to that I say, so what!!! So many people think that salads is the answer but then they put 5 tablespoons of dressing in it and up their 300 calorie salad to 800 calories in one serving!!!


OK so what do you do?? First you have to know how many calories you need to maintain your current weight and go under that! Here is a formula to help you with that! Common CUT NATION it will take you 2 minutes (with a calculator!!).
Formula Page

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