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Let’s talk CALORIES!!! Some people don’t really get the importance of knowing how many calories you eat every day!!! It is essential to your new LIFESTYLE. Stop calling it a diet; you are just setting yourself up for failure! Whether you want to loose a few pounds, compete as bodybuilders, put on muscle mass, maintain your weight or even if you are an athlete getting ready for the Olympics!! Almost everyone saw the reports on Michael Phelps diet and the fact that he ate like 10,000calories a day!!! Now some people saw that and thought; wow how lucky, he can eat whatever he wants!! It goes way beyond that! See, he is has the best of the best watching over him and they know that if he wanted to sustain that level of training and win, he had to eat. Why? Because he was burning a ridiculous amount of calories a day! If he didn’t eat that much he would be eating his muscle up, feeling fatigue and feeling over trained.

With that being said most of us aren’t getting ready for the Olympics but we are trying to be as fit as possible!! That’s where websites like fitday.com come into play. You have to know how many calories your food has. That’s what is going to teach you the key to eating; basically PORTION CONTROL!!! I’ve had so many clients tell me, “JP, I eat healthy but I just don’t loose weight!! Well you could eat all the chicken and brown rice you want, but if you don’t know the portions you need to be having for yourself (not what your friend eats who looks great or your other friend who is on weight watchers) you will not lose weight. I know some of you think it’s a pain in the gluteus, but I guarantee that after a few weeks you will be looking at what you eat and drink totally different! Plus, once you do it a few times you’ll know what most of your foods contain! I mean really, how many of you get totally different things at the grocery store every time you go??? No one does! You basically get the same things (except for the time you get that dark chocolate or some other treat while you’re waiting in line!! Or is that just me, lol) Anyway, after a few weeks you will know, this 5oz chicken breast has 240 calories and this ¾ cup of veggies has 45! Also you have to measure the food a few times to see what ½ a cup really looks like. If you look at the back of the Oatmeal box most of them say 150cals for ½ a cup!! You’d be surprised what ½ a cup looks like!!! I know I was!

So get off the “DIET” and make this a new lifestyle!! It’s not that hard. It just takes a little effort. For those of you who have kids this is a great way to lead them down the right path in there life! Teach them portion control. Teach them how to make better choices. Life is all about CHOICES! Reward yourself and your kids if you want. If you eat good all week then have 1 cheat meal on Sunday! That will not break your progress but it will make you feel better. You might even notice that you don’t crave bad things that much anymore!!

So remember www.FITDAY.com! It’s free and easy!! NO EXCUSES! Also here are the formulas to calculate how many calories you need. Now remember this is to maintain your current weight. So drop it by 250-500 calories and see how you feel! You never want to eat under 1200! But that’s another post in itself. Also do yourself a favor and write everything down or use the log online. That way you know what’s working and what isn’t!! GOOD LUCK CUTNATION!

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