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Lift like if you were going to compete in a Strongman competition!! YES, even Women!

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All of you have probably seen a strongman competition at one time or another while channel surfing. You’ve see these guys; 6’5, 300lbs and they are usually lifting or pulling cars, throwing kegs, or holding incredible amounts of weight for a period of time. So what does that have to do with me you may ask? I don’t want to look like that!!!

 If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard, “I don’t want to lift heavy weight; I don’t want to get really big.” OK, LADIES, YOU WILL NOT GET HUGE OR BIG IN ANY WAY BY LIFTING HEAVY WEIGHTS!!! Yes, I put it in Caps because this might make the biggest difference in your physique.

Girls you just don’t have the hormones for huge muscle building! I’ll get into that in a later post.

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Now back to the strongman competitions. Ok, so most of us do not want to look like those guys.  However, you do want to lift heavy. Lifting heavy will constantly challenge your muscles. Remember muscles only change/grow to adapt to the demand that you are putting on it! 40 reps with 5lbs weights will not do the trick! If you can do more than 20 reps then it’s probably to light. If you can’t do at least 4 reps with no help then it’s too heavy! Ladies do not be afraid to grab those 10’s, 12’lbs or higher if you could. I guarantee that it will start giving you that hard toned look you’re going for.

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Guys you fall into this too. I have seen a lot of guys in the gym that just do the same weight day in and day out!! You are doing something wrong!!! If you are not going up in reps and you are doing the same exercise you’ve been doing for a few weeks then there is something wrong. Maybe you are not eating enough, or not resting enough for recovery, but something is wrong.

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So don’t be afraid of those weights!! But keep your form. For guys that means getting your ego in check and doing the weight you can lift with perfect form, no jerking movements! You will benefit more from it, trust me! Now for most of you lifting heavy means making a really funny faces (I am guilty of this) for others it’s grunting or screaming. If you are the type of person that is going to the gym to meet someone then the face thing might not work!! If you’re a girl the grunting will definitely not work!!  (LOL)  Lift hard and try to lift heavier every time!! Your body will change drastically. You will also see better fat burning effects from it because you have to work harder to lift heavier and in turn you will burn more calories!!!
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Awsome, thanks so much for the tip.

Keep them coming!


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