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The Only Fitness Camp That Guarantees Results.......... Blasting Belly Fat And Toning: Arms, Thighs and Hips... Better Then Any Old Bootcamp Or Gym...When You Look Good, You Feel Good, and And When You Feel Good, You Do Good!!!!!

How long have you been trying to get rid of those annoying areas staring at you in the mirror???
 We have discovered the easiest perfect formula that others seem to have overlooked.....This Fitness Camp immediately transforms your body and teaches you this secret for you to keep for the rest of your training life, and if I am wrong you can have your money back and train for free............

*Does this sound familiar:*

  • Feel embarrassed to show some skin...........?
  • Starving yourself on that special day or everyday..............?
  • Afraid to try something on.........?
  • Inherited Fat Burn Block.............?
  • Don't have the time........?
  • How many cookies or chips does it take to feel better.......?

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Before C.U.T.


After C.U.T.

Dear friend,

My name is Jean Paul SanPedro and I am not just another Personal Trainer. I have been obsessed in changing my body for the last 7 years of my professional fitness career.  Trying any combination of fat burning methods to finally find the one that changed my body to where now I feel great walking around.

I could not keep the pounds off the majority of my life without losing muscle, it was frustrating . Tried every crazy diet in every magazine and infomercial on the market!

Gave up and did nothing for months....developing more of a belly then my next door neighbor who sat and drank beer and ate sausage all day!  I stopped looking in the mirror for weeks.....

I kept convincing myself every Wednesday  that next Monday I was going to start training harder then ever before. I would pig out every "last weekend" since Monday would be the end of it.  But then Monday would come and something would always come up and get in the way.  And the sad depressing cycle continued yet again.....
Then one night I just stood in front of the mirror and did not blink until I finally thought of the perfect plan.  That same night I did not sleep and put together the
life changing formula that C.U.T's Fitness Camp was born on.....in 30 days I was a new man and looked better then ever....If i can experience this miracle then get ready for yours to happen right now!



Cat Thalia

Dreamworks Studio

"When I started with Jean-Paul, I had never worked out before and was eating pasta with cream sauce 5 times a week. He works with you to make sure you understand the techniques necessary to work more effectively with your strengths and weaknesses, keeping up a great variety of activities so you're never bored. He's always encouraging you and pushing you harder then you ever would on your own.I started at 160, and lost 10 pounds. But I lost like over 4" off my waist."

Joe Thygesen
Dreamworks Studio

So what I would say about your training is this:

"JP provides killer workouts.  By 'killer' I mean you'll see results!
From strength gains and muscle growth to weight loss, if you want it,
he will show you how to achieve it!  He will push you so hard you'll
be surprised on the performance level you will be able to achieve!
Sound good?  It's the honest truth from my bald-headed perspective!"

Eric (our favorite jokster) Before


After C.U.T. 


"Once I started training with C.U.T. and saw the results I begged them to let me IN!!!  I mean look at the
difference, now I live on the So Cal beaches and of course without a shirt...."

Vanessa Millon - Actress/International Model 

"I get ready for every acting role or photo shoot with C.U.T. Nations Fitness Camp.....I hate having to figure out what workout I need to do on what day and it seems like I spend hours in the gym.... With C.U.T.'s camp I just show up and it feels like 15 minutes later I am done with a great workout...."

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I Know What You May Be Thinking Right Now... -->

Finally, Thanks C.U.T.............Frustration is gone forever!!

Tired of the same old fashioned bootcamps that are made for our military service 
Ancient personal training routines that are for the monster at the gym named "Arnold"
 Full of

See how C.U.T.  compares to any of the same methods you have tried
Become the next citizen of C.U.T. Nation now!!!
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C.U.T. Nutrition Plan with Recipes
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($179 Value) Complete Before and After Assessment

Offer ends in a few days....I'm Ready, How Much Do I have to Pay And How Do I Get Started! If you were to work with me or anyone of my personal trainers one-on-one you'd pay at least $550-$700/month. Even if you worked with a mediocre personal trainer you'd easily pay at least $400/month.
But the good news is that you won't pay anywhere near what the typical trainer charges for one-on-one training. Instead your investment is as little as 
$199 a month - That's just $6.63 a day...

And when you get started before Today!!, as a bonus, I'll throw in the 
first week of Boot Camp FREE for you and a friend! (A value of $199.00 in FREE bonuses)

And of course always backed by my FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

That's How Committed To Your Success I Am,
And That's How Much I Believe In This Program! 
 You Ready?

I Am Ready To Finally Change My Body To What I Always Dreamed Of!
Yes! I’m ready for results in 30 days if not I know I wil get my money back!
Yes! I'm ready to be pushed and transformed!
Yes! I'm ready for this new revolutionary training system!

Okay I'm ready to register... lets get started! Registration is simple...

Here is the Locations And Times... 

Miami Fitness Gym
1611 West Verdugo Ave
Burbank, California 91506

5 days a week (Mon- Fri) 

5:30 am, 6:30 am, 8 am, 12:30 pm, 6 pm,

Don't wait any longer, space will run out ..... happens every month where I have at least 10 people wanting to sign up and miss out on this amazing program.

P.S. Make this moment the life changing moment you keep telling yourself will come by registering now.
In 30 days you will be so glad you made this effort by clicking a finger and just showing up day 1.
I promise to take care of the rest................... I believe in you!

P.P.S. Remember, your results is MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!

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